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Cat Rotograph

1906 CAT SITTING IN A BOWL "I Wish It was Over" Rotograph Photo Postcard RPPC


Early~c1906~Little Girl~Two Cats~Kittens~Blue Tint Postcard~ROTOGRAPH~Cyanotype


1906 CAT LOOKING IN MIRROR MOON "The Stranger" Rotograph Photo Postcard RPPC


1905 CAT WITH BABY CHICK "Something on My Mind" Rotograph Photo Postcard RPPC


Two (2) Vintage 1907 Rotograph real photo postcards Cats


1906 TWO CATS AND A DOG "A Hard-Luck Crowd" Rotograph Real Postcard RPPC


C-1905 Interior Cat Just big enough Postcard Rotograph 1200


1906 DRESSED CAT "The Family Pett" Rotograph Real Postcard RPPC


1906 DRESSED CAT "The Oldest Inhabitant" Rotograph Real Postcard RPPC


Tabby Cat w/ Chick on Head SOMETHING ON MY MIND Rotograph c1905 RPPC


1906 TABBY CAT IN A CAGE Rotograph Photo Postcard "Behind the Bars" RPPC


Kitty Cat FIRST PRIZE EXHIBITION c1905 Rotograph Real Photo Postcard


1906 CAT WITH A BABY CHICK Rotograph Photo Postcard "Shall I Gobble


CAT & TURTLE, TORTOISE, Rotograph Photo Post Card 1905, I WONDER WHAT IT IS?


Kitten Kitty Cat in Basket I'LL HIDE IN HERE Rotograph Real Photo Postcard


Comic Pun~Are You Trying to String Me?~Cross-Eyed Cat Wrapped in Yarn~Rotograph


Rotograph Kitty Cats Napping in Basket c1905 Real Photo Postcard


Kitty Cats Kittens WAITING FOR MILKMAN Rotograph c1905 Real Photo Postcard


1906 CAT AND BALL OF YARN "Will No One Play with Me?" Rotograph Postcard RPPC


1901-07 Rotograph Real Photo Cat PC B1255; A Tempting Morsel- Cat sees Duckling


Cute Kittens on Rocking Chairs - Antique Photo RPPC Rotograph Cats ca. 1914


1905 Rotograph Real Photo Postcard; Patrolling the Heights, Cat w/ Chick on Back


Rotograph Cat Postcard B792; Kittens in Picnic Basket Stopping Here for Lunch


Rotograph Kitty Cat & Chicks SCALING THE HEIGHTS c1905 Real Photo Postcard


Rotograph RPPC cat Postcard "Shall I gobble you up?" kitten looks at chick b1519


c1906 Rotograph Blue RPPC Postcard 550/5 Dutch Girl Cuddles 2 Cats unposted


"Holding her Dolly” Cute Cat RPPC Harry Frees “Rags” Rare Rotograph Photo UDB




Cute Kitten Kitty Cat Caught in Pot c1905 Rotograph Real Photo Postcard


Rotograph RPPC Postcard B 1198 Scaling the Heights Duckling Climbs on Cat's Back


c1906 Rotograph Cat RPPC Postcard B1174 Two Cats look at each other, 'Making Up'