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Orchid Species

Brassavola Nodosa species orchid plant. "Lady of the night" orchid. Fragrant!


Orchid Species Pleurothallis niveoglobula ( Miniature / In Flower )


Dendrobium Moschatum Orchid Species Keiki 2 for $20 Robust Fragrant


Bulbophyllum longissimum , orchid species


Three Plant Set! Rhynchostylis gigantea RED, WHITE & ORANGE Species Orchid Plant


Oncidium flexuosum, orchid species


Schomburgkia rosea Orchid plant Species BARE ROOT


Aerangis mystacidii, orchid species


Orchid Species Bulbophyllum inunctum ( Orange )


One lot of 2 different species Orchid Plants


Grammatophyllum scriptum citrinum species orchid plant. Rare! Very showy!!


🌿Dendrobium farmerii Pink Orchid Species Native From Asia Bareroot BloomingSize


RARE ORCHID SPECIES Maxillaria reichenheimiana Mottled Leaves Collector Fragrant


Orchid plant Grammangis stapeliiflora RARE species bloom size 4 "


Rodriguezia decora, orchid species


Aerqangis mystacidii, orchid species, mounted


Orchid plant Pleurothallis longissima species bloom size


Orchid plant Chysis bractescens bloom size species


🌿Dendrobium Adrasta - Great Orchid Species Hybrid -Easy To Grow Fragrant


RARE OFFER ORCHID SPECIES Dimorphorchis rossiii small seedling in 2 in pot!!


🌿Rhynochostylis gigantea alba Orchid Species😌ships From Florida BS fragrant


Orchid Species Bulbophyllum pardalotum ( Seedling )


Orchid Species Pleurothallis bothros


Dendrobium loddigesii, fragrant orchid species, blooming size


Orchid Species Bulbophyllum tigridum ( Seedling )


Orchid Species Ludisia discolor fma. Alba


Coelogyne lawrenceana Orchid Species Olive Green White Gold 4 Inch Divisions


Orchid Species Bulbophyllum plumatum


Orchid Species Pleurothallis brevipes


Dendrobium venustum Blooming Size Orchid Plant Species |||——-


Orchid Species Bulbophyllum septemtrionale ( In Spike / New Growth )


Orchid Species Pleurothallis tribuloides


Schomburgkia Brysiana Orange Belle Species Orchid Plant Blooming Size!!


Orchid Species Phalaenopsis bastianii


Orchid Species Pleurothallis adaleae